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November 17, 2008

Christina Aguilera's Locket

This is my first Mother's Day present. [My husband] Jordan had this [diamond and ruby] locket made secretly [by jeweler Stephen Webster]. I love the symbolism of the blood droplet. It's like [my son] Max pierced my heart. I have a bunch of pendants because each one makes a different statement and has its own story. I am very visual. Even with my records, each one starts with a collage on a mood board. So for jewelry, there has to be something intriguing and unique for me to love it.


—Christina Aguilera

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In the magazine you show a gold crown ring holder. Where can I get it?
Thanks JBeard

Posted by: Jbeard | November 26, 2008

i want something like this

Posted by: milly | December 02, 2008

I really love this pendant. It's so unique! I totally agree that jewelry is more fun to wear when it makes a statement. If you're looking for great accessories that really leave an impression, I highly recommend They've got some amazing pieces that range from elegant and refined to fun and funky! My favorite is the R.J. GRAZIANO
Snake Bangle Bracelet. Check out the site:!

Posted by: Kamela | December 04, 2008

Love this piece! Tres cute.

I had something similar to this made a while back by "Imprint On My Heart"- a company that specializes in custom fingerprint jewelry. The piece i designed was so amazing, that the artist put it on her website (it’s the pink tourmaline)

All items are custom, hence very unique and tres stylish for the ubber chic fashionista... did I mention custom, so u know no one else will be rocking your style *wink*

Check "Imprint On My Heart" out @

Posted by: Kelley | December 10, 2008

Beautiful and meaningful, what a lovely combination. I love pieces like this and they make great gifts. My personal favorite is

The Tina Tang Crew

Posted by: The Tina Tang Crew | December 16, 2008

I'm looking for the gold crown also please help

Posted by: Elizabeth | January 04, 2009

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