Category: Locket
August 13, 2008

Elizabeth's Locket

My husband gave me this locket for my birthday, which was nine days before the birth of our son. Because he was not born yet, my husband put the best image of Kostas we had at the time in the locket - a printout from our first ultrasound. On the other side, he put a photo of our first baby - our dog Crash. I love this locket for so many reasons! It is visually stunning, and in pristine condition for its age, but it is also layered with meaning. It was originally a Victorian mourning locket, which is why it is covered with black enamel.  The diamond set fly is symbolic of the fascination with nature and science at the time. In the interior, under the original glass, are two panels of plaited hair, each side featuring a different pattern of weave. The frames are hand engraved - one with the name and date Marie Louise August 4th 1866, and the other with Helene Catherine April 28th 1868.  It is amazing to me that this locket has lived through so many years and seen so much, and that now it will live though my life with me and hopefully future generations of my family.


Elizabeth Doyle, owner of Doyle & Doyle