Category: Necklaces
July 1, 2008

Betony's Necklace

As a tall girl, I love bold jewelry, the bigger the better. I found this silver necklace at a thrift shop in Illinois, buried under a pile of Mardi Gras beads and rejects from Claire's. It's lightweight, but eye-catching and I never fail to get compliments on it.


β€” Betony Toht

June 14, 2008

Mary Kate's Necklace

This necklace was the first piece of jewelry I ever bought at a flea market. I found it on an overcrowded table run by this eccentric woman completely clad in all-vintage. At first I was skeptical about buying a piece from a flea market, but I think you have to buy things that you find to be beautiful whether they're in a bargain basement store or Colette in Paris. It's a huge necklace that garners a huge response; people are constantly complementing me on it. When I wear it I wear nothing else because the necklace is a true statement piece. I love it mostly because I know I'll wear it now, and when I'm 60 too.

Mary Kate's necklace

— Mary Kate McGrath

June 12, 2008

Ashley's Necklace

I bought this necklace in Xalapa, Mexico, three years ago from a boutique that would make the jewelry per request.  That summer I was visiting my best friend from college who grew up on a coffee plantation in Xalapa!  We had matching necklaces made to remember my special trip.  Every time I wear this necklace I get so many compliments because of its unique shape and color.  I also feel like it will be a lasting piece since it’s made from natural stone and crystal beading.


β€” Ashley Lawson

June 10, 2008

Nakisha's Pearls

This necklace is as old as I am!  As a child I'd go through my mother's jewelry and always begged for her to let me wear pieces.  She'd let me wear a classic strand of pearls that she had on special occasions and I was always fascinated by the story:  after a 19 hour labor (wheew!) I came screaming into the world and at that moment my mother took a look at me and was consumed with fear wondering whether or not she'd know what to do with this tiny child and if I'd always look like a wrinkled alien like I did on the first day (I am her first child and I'm sure she was crazed with hormones so I forgive her for that one). My dad took a look at us and reassured her that everything would be fine and gave her a beautiful strand of pearls in appreciation for her and the production she just went through. My mom had always intended to give me the pearls on my wedding day, but my Junior year of college when I became an member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc my mom presented them to me at our induction ceremony and through tears told me that she was proud of the woman that I was becoming, that I had turned into a beautiful person (no aliens here, much to her relief I'm sure) and that she couldn't wait to see the great things I'd accomplish. Today these pearls are a reminder of how far I come and I wear them with a reminder of all the faith and love that my mother has for me.  I hope to have a daughter to pass them on to one day and look forward to sharing their sweet story.


β€” Nakisha Williams