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June 15, 2008

Meggan's Earrings

I found these earrings in Paris while I was there for the fall '08 runway shows. I was walking near Notre Dame and found a little antique shop and fell in love with these earrings. They are about 90 years old and from Uzbekistan. They were my birthday present to myself and I can't wait to visit the store again in October during the spring '09 shows.

Meggan's Earrings

— Meggan Crum

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I love these. Vintage is defintely my cup of tea. My other favorite designer is Tina Tang. She does a lot of great vintage inspired designs like the mughal bracelet.

Posted by: Bobbile Caldwell | June 19, 2008

I friggin' love these! The colors are amazing!!

I make earrings and necklaces and appreciate jewelry from every style/decade.


Posted by: Jenny | June 28, 2008

gorgeous, intense colors--what a great find!

Posted by: wendy | July 10, 2008

Do you know the name of the shop? I might want to visit one day!
I am looking to buy something for my birthday, for around £400 with precious and semi precious stones (preferable 4cm long). Any ideas?



Posted by: Alia | September 18, 2008

hola plz ant one know arbic translate that for me - all thanks

Posted by: Soitiodotly | March 28, 2009

Nice earrings. although I think they look a bit heavy, aren't they? But they are just gorgeous!

Posted by: white gold diamond earrings | October 05, 2010

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