Archive: September 2008
September 30, 2008

Loretta Fontaine's Earrings

The earrings I'm wearing lately I designed myself. I incorporate naturaI elements and eco-friendly hand-finishing to give the earrings a subtle sheen, and then toss them in a tumbler with steel shot and a drop of biodegrable dishwashing detergent to highlight the raised leaf design.  


— Loretta Fontaine

September 15, 2008

Hovey Lee's Necklace

I collect vintage jewelry and I have always admired the artistry of vintage pins. I just never seemed to find the right outfit to wear them with. A couple years ago I was invited to a Gen Art party for emerging designers and I wanted to wear something spectacular. I searched my jewel box, and my mom's, and couldn't find one that was quite spectacular enough. I decided to make a new one and this necklace was made on the day of the party. My best pieces are what I see as a fusion of art and fashion with an element of surprise.


— Hovey Lee

September 9, 2008

Julia Bristow's Necklace

One of my favorite pendants is on a necklace I made from my Nature's Presence Collection using a beautiful handblown hollow glass focal bead pendant created by glass artisan Harold Williams Cooney. He does wonderful work and that is why his beads are focal points for most of the pieces in the collection at


—Julia Bristow    

September 4, 2008

Lisa Nisleit's Bracelet

One of my favorite pieces is this moonstone flower link bracelet that my husband created. It's handmade down to the toggle clasp.  


—Lisa Nisleit