Category: Bracelets
December 15, 2008

Julie's Bracelet

I usually wear only the jewelry that I create. This Swarovski crystal bracelet is one of my favorite pieces, and the one that gets the most compliments!


— Julie

November 20, 2008

Zsuzsa's Bracelet

Big sterling cuff bracelets with semi-precious and precious stones. My personal favorite!


— Zsuzsa Bakonyi-Rodgers

September 4, 2008

Lisa Nisleit's Bracelet

One of my favorite pieces is this moonstone flower link bracelet that my husband created. It's handmade down to the toggle clasp.  


—Lisa Nisleit

August 5, 2008

Susan's Bangle

One of my favorite pieces is an Israeli gold large bangle bracelet in 24kt gold over sterling.  The opals are genuine.  It is so cool, sleek  and contemporary.  I wear it all the time.  I purchased it online  at  I  have some of the other pieces that complement my bracelet as well.


— Susan

July 30, 2008

Hydee's Bracelet

My favorite jewelry is one that I made early this year. The 14K rose gold and diamond angel wings pendant is hanging on a multicolored sapphire strand. I wear it everyday.


— Hydee Ursolino-Abrahan

July 21, 2008

Caroline's Bracelet

One of my most favorite pieces is this silver bracelet with multicolor gem stones such as lemon quartz, garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot and citrine. I can wear it with all my clothes and highly admire it. It is from the exclusive jewelry webpage


Caroline Wick

June 13, 2008

Isabel's Vintage Cuff

This vintage cuff belongs to a set that includes a similarly styled, bold long necklace. It's originally from Mexico and was given to my mother as a gift in the 1960s. My mom would often wear the set with her myriad floor length, monochromatic hostess dresses in black, grey or white. It made for an effortlessly global look. As a teenager in the 80s I loved to wear just the cuff with a crumpled white button-down with sleeves rolled up, loose Levi's and leather sandals – it was my interpretation of hippie-chic. As an adult I wear the pair, the cuff and the necklace, just like my mom used to, with my own array of long hostess dresses. I'm amazed at how many complements I get on the originality of the set and it makes me smile because it think that my mom must have been the recipient of such flattery too. Ultimately when I wear it I'm reminded that I'm lucky to have inherited my mom's great sense of style.

Isabel's Vintage Cuff

— Isabel Gonzalez

June 13, 2008

Meg's Bracelet

This gold and white bracelet with Chinese characters is something that my great aunt bought for me in Hong Kong when I was nine years old. At the time, I was completely disinterested (probably because it wasn't pink or turquoise). But I kept it--thankfully! And now I wear this piece all the time. It's great if I'm wearing all white with gold accessories in the summer or with a variety of other things in my closet and I now consider it my favorite piece in my jewelry box.


— Meg Hemphill

June 12, 2008

Kirsten's Bracelet

I've had this antique bracelet since my 13th birthday. It was given to me, the eldest grand-daughter, by my granny: she inherited it from her grandmother, who brought the bracelet with her when she emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland in 1902. Over the years I've added two things to it: a small jade Buddha given to me on my 21st birthday by my favorite great-aunt. Her husband bought her the charm while stationed in Asia as a pilot in World War II. The second charm is a blue pearl bought for me by a cousin. The bracelet is very precious to me—and very big and heavy—so I am careful about where and when I wear it. When I do wear it, I wear no other jewelry as it's a real statement piece. And I feel like I'm carrying my family's history and love and support with me.


— Kirsten Matthew