Category: Celebrity
November 17, 2008

Christina Aguilera's Locket

This is my first Mother's Day present. [My husband] Jordan had this [diamond and ruby] locket made secretly [by jeweler Stephen Webster]. I love the symbolism of the blood droplet. It's like [my son] Max pierced my heart. I have a bunch of pendants because each one makes a different statement and has its own story. I am very visual. Even with my records, each one starts with a collage on a mood board. So for jewelry, there has to be something intriguing and unique for me to love it.


—Christina Aguilera

August 18, 2008

Kimora Lee Simmons's Ring

For me, jewelry represents fun, memories and milestones; jewelry tells a story. I bought myself jewelry when I had my children; I've gotten jewelry from my wonderful significant other [actor Djimon Hounsou]; and when someone's needed to say "I'm sorry" or "I won't forget this date again!" As for my yellow diamond [ring], I can't do anything small--I have to be big! It's a phenomenal stone, and I'm really into wearing big precious stones on my pointer finger right now--I think it looks so chic.  It was quite an investment, and I get calls from people asking if it's for sale—it's not! My kids know that everything I have will be theirs someday.


—Kimora Lee Simmons

June 16, 2008

Donatella Versace's Ring

My yellow-and pink-diamond ring from Fred Leighton is the last gift my brother, Gianni, gave to me before he died—which is why I wear it quite often. He loved buying antique jewelry, and of course someone had to wear it. Gianni also taught me to have an appreciation of the craftsmanship of classic pieces. Modern jewelry rarely has the same kind of drama. The best thing about jewelry is that it never wears out—unlike some other loves. You can treasure it forever.


—Donatella Versace