Category: Earrings
September 30, 2008

Loretta Fontaine's Earrings

The earrings I'm wearing lately I designed myself. I incorporate naturaI elements and eco-friendly hand-finishing to give the earrings a subtle sheen, and then toss them in a tumbler with steel shot and a drop of biodegrable dishwashing detergent to highlight the raised leaf design.  


— Loretta Fontaine

August 18, 2008

Maria Burgos's Earrings

I adore these stunning Iolite earrings, not just because I made them, but because my husband bought me these stones in Uruguay on a business trip--I know he missed me when he was there. We treasure jewelry for different reasons and they have meaning for us. For me it means that after 14 years he stills loves me, and the five Iolite briolettes symbolizes my family.


— Maria Burgos

June 15, 2008

Meggan's Earrings

I found these earrings in Paris while I was there for the fall '08 runway shows. I was walking near Notre Dame and found a little antique shop and fell in love with these earrings. They are about 90 years old and from Uzbekistan. They were my birthday present to myself and I can't wait to visit the store again in October during the spring '09 shows.

Meggan's Earrings

— Meggan Crum