Category: Rings
June 30, 2008

Tiffany's Ring

I’m a strong believer that any woman named Tiffany should own a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s. For as long as I can remember knowing a jewelry store bearing my name existed I have wanted to get something. But I also grew up very poor.  As I result I remain extremely thrifty.  I beat myself up about almost all of my purchases because I think about how I should put that money in to savings and/or retirement. So I had settled on the dream of some day getting a Tiffany engagement ring from my Mr. Right. But last December I decided to splurge.  On December 30th I decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas and on a whim booked a flight on Priceline.  Every time I had gone to Las Vegas in the past I would stop by the Tiffany store and fantasize about the beautiful jewelry.  But this trip I decided I was going to buy something.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or makeup so I wanted something simple, classic, beautiful and can be worn everyday…a signature Tiffany sterling silver ring. I was so happy to walk out of the store with a cute Tiffany teal-colored bag.  I did a mini photo shoot in honor of the occasion when I got back to my hotel room.  I was proud of my purchase.  It symbolized that I could afford to buy myself nicer things.  And that some of the best things in life are worth waiting and saving for.


— Tiffany Black

June 25, 2008

Marisa's Custom Ring

I brought a friend in the jewelry industry a pile of family jewelry that I didn’t wear but held a lot of sentimental value. I wanted to create a cocktail ring to honor three generations of the women in my family who previously owned, wore and loved the jewelry. The pieces honored special moments in their lives and were gifted to them with love. I wanted to bring their lives and stories with me into a piece of jewelry that marked this moment in my life: A few significant achievements and a future full of more.

My friend and I sat down and chatted a few times over the course of several weeks. I told him that I wanted a ring that reflects the beauty of a traditional diamond but also showcased the raw/organic beauty of rough diamonds. The cut, polished and finished stones would symbolize the achievements in my life, big and small, that have come after a lot of hard work and determination. I thought of these as “finished stories” or “closed books.” The rough, flawed, “less valuable” stones would symbolize of the journeys I’ve yet to take and all of the things I’ve yet to accomplish. These are stories that haven’t been told or discovered yet.

After sharing several of these stories with the jeweler, he asked me to go away for 30 days and let him think/design/create the piece. I was really nervous because I really couldn’t articulate what I wanted except for how personal and sentimental the piece would be to me and, hopefully, future generations of my family. I got an email on day 28 telling me that my ring was ready and I could come pick it up. I was really nervous when I got to his office. I opened the box and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was and how perfectly he captured the sentiments and stories.


— Marisa Gordon

June 16, 2008

Donatella Versace's Ring

My yellow-and pink-diamond ring from Fred Leighton is the last gift my brother, Gianni, gave to me before he died—which is why I wear it quite often. He loved buying antique jewelry, and of course someone had to wear it. Gianni also taught me to have an appreciation of the craftsmanship of classic pieces. Modern jewelry rarely has the same kind of drama. The best thing about jewelry is that it never wears out—unlike some other loves. You can treasure it forever.


—Donatella Versace